Great drops I think

So yeah I was playing earlier today and I think I got really luck with 2 specific drops. Earlier the game bug out for some reason and deleted my 4000 dps gauntlets I was using. Currently I was only around lvl 32 at the time. I checked the codex and it says this weapons only drops at floor 180 so I was kinda confused but happy at the same time.

Edit - will only let me post 1 pic so another thread will follow with other item

Also if you guys could clarify why it’s making me use the battle mage skills instead of peirce and orb that would be

Here is a pic of the stats

That is a horrible drop, enjoy having an ETERNAL lvl 30 weapon forever

Can u elaborate on that for me please ?

You cant level up an eternal drop so it will stay level 30

He’s only lvl 32 that’s why its a low lvl eternal. @Tidge I think because is a set green affix so its use first, and battle mage will change your ability as you can read on your second pick. Hopefully I help out a little.

Yup as @VicBot said the battle mage set makes your primary skill charge and your special whirlwind! Plus the bonuses to health and armor .