Great drops - part 2


Here is the other item I seen people talking about on here.


where did you find it?


Its a good item to keep. Got one myself with the body.


Got it in act 3… I think lvl 32 map


Nice , but it only have a +1Set numbers, it will be more nice if it is +2Set numbers

Sorry for the Grammar


I didn’t find mine until like 300 lol. Yours that is +1 sets can be lvled up and roll affixes it will upgrade to lvl 2. Hang onto that one good for not needing a rune for +set or if you have an eternal neck with no +set you can get +4 on narodji ring to make up for it. Its the only ring with sets I believe. Neck has narodji and the new ghostly has set


…Guys this is over a year old


how about this? :3


Lucky :smiley:


what floor drop this eternal Nadroji ring ;p. 350 and above? Right.


Any floor above 100 can drop it :smile:


thanks mate.


:smile: :+1: glad to help out


Check your codex ingame! It has all sort of useful information regarding Legend Items and where to find them and so on! :smiley:


I found it on lv 100+ when defeating mythical enemy :slight_smile:


Very niceee !!!


Good pvp !!!