GreenVoker V.1a [Perma.Stealth ROGUE BUILD ]

Hi everybody this is my 1st Build to share here in forums,
i call this build greenvoker coz of the color green poison and voker(invoker of dota) for the spells procs,

i know all of you guys here in forums know how affixes works so i wont explain it coz i really hate explaining :wink:

this build is still not fix due to lacking of resources (not lucky enough in amethyst :sob: ), ill update this build soon enough until i gather enough resources to fix this build

i am using this build on floor 2.5k solo run and still counting



Can you please show an image on the damages it can deal?

DRUIDIC doesn’t make sense in there because of the absence of these 2 important affixes that buffs the set affix itself MP REGEN + HP REGEN. Without those two Druidic has nothing to do with it. I suggest you better change it to IDENTITY since you’re focusing on PROC type with mixed skills from other classes. With Identity’s presence, it gives you great damage boost for all of your proc spells from other classes (Twister, Meteor, and Orb Procs) hope it helps! happy gaming.

though toxic and druidic been nerf this patch (due to nerf in regen raw value and cap) though poison stil OP w/ plague

that’s why i said its still not fix ^^

HP and MP Regen (rank)%. Poison DoT DMG * (HP+MP Regen)/4000

druidic still works without those 2 affix, they just boost druidic effect,

identity is my goal, but still unlucky,

still waiting for the update :joy:

Whats the cap for hp regen now?