Greetings everyone. few questions

Hello. Im new to this game and to this forum. Just wanted to say hello and ask a few question about the mechanics of the pvp system .and the mythstones. How do you create the mythical pieces. I tried to socket different gems but didnt get any clues. Is the pvp still in beta stage? I noticed my ranking and rating both drop when I’m in the dungeon. I had a match ranking of 1070 and when i came out of the dungeon it was 770…
Any help would be appreciated.
Have fun gaming everyone maybe ill see ya around.

Mythical info:

As far as pvp goes, there is probably a lot of ppl better informed to educate you on that, but basically your toon fights ‘online’ when you control it, and ‘offline’ vs other players - much like when you’re fighting someone. It’s an AI following a script, so if you’re doing pve, and you have bad items/bad AI setup, or a bad build. Ppl will beat your AI controlled char and you will loose rating because of the losses. When you play yourself, you can micromanage your char, so that you will win a majority of the match ups, and gain rating while controlling your char.
Atleast that’s why I think you lost your rating. Could also be that someone just got more points than you have, due to more games than you… Dunno:)

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I understand losing rating as someone would get more pts but its my match ranking and rating that are both changing. Im not sure how to reach the other divisions . i was in 6 th place in div 5 in mytical league. With match rating of 1070 . i came back and im 40 th in div 6 th with match ranking of 745.

I hope someone else can pitch in on the subject, cause I really haven’t learned a lot about how pvp works yet:)

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@Wack is correct in that your toon fights arena battles as an AI controlled toon when you are not actively playing in arena. The last time you enter an arena battle is the gear your toon will use in AI battles until you enter the arena again. So be sure that if you have gear you use for farming & gear you use for PVP that you equip the PVP gear before you play a match.

Also it is a good idea to try the practice match AI Control mode to get an idea how to set your AI settings. Same as with gear, the arena will use your last AI control settings when you exit arena. Thankfully, if you change your gear or AI settings while in PVE mode, it won’t effect your arena settings.

You can, & likely will, lose matches while your AI toon fights. For example, just 48 hours ago my toon had 1833 rating points & now it has 1338 :flushed: Which reminds me, I need to get back in the ring :smiley::crossed_swords:

There is some overlap in the thresholds between divisions & leagues. I just look at the #1 player rating in my division and try to win matches until I surpass their rating, which should get me to the next division or very close. Conversely if your rating is at the bottom of the division you could get bumped down a division with a loss.

Hope that helps & welcome to DQ Forums :+1:t2:

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In my opinion the system is flawed and not an accurate representation of the skill a player has but only represents the gear. I had match ranking of 1070 at beginning of the day and i havnt dueled today. Im now at 714 and have lost 2 divisions. The only way to fairly be represented is by obtaing high gear to keep your match ranking.

I guess the skill lies in the players ability to be creative & craft gear that helps them achieve Eternal Div1. Players love making new builds & testing them out in arena. Devs keep the arena fresh by changing various design features & adding new affixes or gear.

While it may not be perfect, it’s a lot of fun to see how far you can go with a new build. :smile:

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I just think by using the current system we are going to lock up the leaderboards. Those that are on top will stay on top regardless if they play or not. I believe if we are earning a rank we should be able to keep it fairly and not have someone take it from us just because we didnt play that day. I think the ai is great in terms of trying to represent our characters but since the ai didnt earn match rating it shouldnt be able to lose or gain pts either. I see we are in season 1 and im just trying to point out what could potentially kill or disrupt a good pvp system as i have seen thus happen with other games. I am by no means bashing the game everyone. I think this is a great game with alot of potential, i just dont want to see things stagnant.

They have a great Build and AI setting so they can stay at top ranking

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My point exactly Eater. They dont even have to play. Specially if the ai plays better than they do.

The AI is quite dumb do not fear as well as at the top PvPers are all a group of people with generally similar in power level builds so staying at the top requires playing :smile:


You make good points @BigT. You will find out that staying in top 20 of Div1 Eternal via AI control is a very rare feat. To stay in Top20 requires playing everyday. Even an excellent AI setup gets beat 80-90% of the time by real players.

IMO nobody is holding the Top20 slots right now via AI control. They do it by playing daily. If they sit idle on AI control they will lose a lot of points.

I think Mythic Div 1 is log jammed right now because not enough people are playing. If people played, the AI controlled toons will get bumped down the ladder.

Have fun out there! :smile:

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I have sat for the last hour or so experimenting with the AI. It seems no matter what i change my guy does the same thing. He just runs right to middle of the arena. I tried to set it so he would stay 50 yards away, that didnt work either. He just ran right to middle without even using the two skills i had set to use as often as possible… Am i missing something? Or doing something wrong?

Try setting all skills to never use and max distance for “start using at range” and work backwards from there. For example if you want your toon to stand still & spam, choose a skill that is 90 yards & set it to 90 yards. Even with the skill set to never use, it will use the skill if all skills are set to never use. I find this true only for skills that are around 90 or so yards. Ex, You can set all other skills to never use & the 90 yard skill (like boomerang) to 75 yards & the toon will run in a few yards & then fire away.

So to make them fire from a distance you gotta set a long distance. If you turn on a skill like charge or whirlwind your toon will run to the middle. Takes some experimenting to get it right.

Best of luck!!!

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Thanks for tips peacedog but nothing seems to matter. He always does the same thing.

I sent ya a follow up email.

I need you to upload your save game data (main menu, press DQ Account button, press “upload”) so I can try to see if I can reproduce your issue.

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It seems to be working now… I was probably just setting something wrong. Thanks for all the help guys. The admins are superfast dealing with issues and helping people. Now all my issues are fixed Im heading back to the dungeon😁
Thank again everyone

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