@Griffin sir can you share your build this wiz you post in youtube cause i like it and also i like meatballs falling… If u like? Pls… I like farmer you build in wiz…


that is a cool video!! at the beginning of the video, he shows his items. although he doesn’t show his Pet, I think it is the Fairy Sera that has the Ascendant Set, since the Arcanist Set on his Bracer wouldn’t work without it. if you don’t have that Pet, then you need to make sure you have Ascendant on another item.

first, he is using a Bracer with Manashield for his Defense to keep from dying, so he has a lot of MP, especially since he uses 2 Glasscannon which lowers his HP to 1 to get +100% DMG. also, it looks like he is running around holding down his Manashield button to Proc Twister, Meteor, & Bombard, only using Orb & Shatter Skills when he really needs to get out of trouble.

second, he is using Satyr Spirit to boost his MP. the Imp Simba has Satyr’s Spirit Set, so if you have this, the Build can still work if you don’t have the Fairy Sera. otherwise, you would have to find another way to boost MP for protection.

third, he has 2 Master Myth Stones on his Equipment. this boosts his Meteor & Twister Proc, and Bombard Mythic with +20% more chance to Proc.

fourth, this Farm Build is being used on floor 500 on Very Easy Difficulty. also, he probably has Gold Find & Luck on his Pet to have them at +650% Cap.

I took a look, and this video was made 4 months before Patch 3.0. the biggest change would be with the way Procs work. Procs now have the same cool down as the Skills, so if it takes 4 seconds to use Meteor after you cast it, it would take 4 seconds before you have a chance to Proc Meteor again after you Proc it. using Cool Down will help speed up how often Procs will be cast, but you would need to make some changes to the Build to make this Build work.

if you really want the Meteors to fall, you would have to give up the Twister Proc and replace it with +15% Cool Down, and make sure you have a +15% Cool Down on your Pet.

if you don’t have either of the Pets, putting Aftermath Set on the Ring would give your Meteors Taunt, which would make up for not having Twister, by sucking enemies into the Meteor Craters. if you have the Crystals, maybe replace the Orb Skill on the Sword with Meteor, that way you can also cast Meteor if you need to if it isn’t Procing when you need it.

hope this helps.

@Griffin great video & Farm Build!


Check this if you want a speed idea of farming :slight_smile:

Dude @Golem i dont need to see is pet all i want is build his wizard. I hope griffin share it here to me i guess😁

With skullshield 40 will do better right now… Proc got big nerf on this patch… but see metero falling from sky more satisfied…

Yep @brang I like metero falling from sky its fun to see a cloudy meat balls🤣

U can try with ring mayhem… If u want to try, use weapon crystalized (with bombard mythic), off hand bracer iceburn, chest nadroji, head eternalized, ring mayhem, amulet maelstrom, pet satyr spirit…
Because for farming, make sure u have max luck and gold find, and u can add dodge for survival, reduc cooldown,

the reason I mentioned the Pet is because he used the Ascendant & Arcanist Set Combo to do more damage, since most of his affixes on the build were for farming, Luck, Gold Find, Pick Up Radius, Item Drop Rate, Movement Speed, Nadroji Set & Bonus, Eternalized, Satyr’s Spirit, Crystalized…even on Very Easy Difficulty, the monsters on Floor 500 still need to be killed. Arcanist Set doesn’t work at all without the Ascendant Set, and without either of these, he would have had to put Weaken on his Equipment or Ignore Resist, so you would have had to really change the Build a lot to make it work.

he put all Stat Points into Mana for Defense, so his Empower Talent was giving only a small DMG Boost, and the Hero Points in Meteor and Twister for the Procs, and 2x Glasscannon. I didn’t watch the whole video, but I saw that he was clearing the monsters pretty quickly, although the Epic+ monsters took a little more effort.

also, if you watched the video, at the beginning he shows all 6 of his Items, so all you have to do is hit pause and write down what he shows.

@Tokiba nice video, that Wizard Hireling is Poison to his enemies!!!