Griffin's Smithery: Mythics

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Hi… im a newbie here… would like to ask if how can i combine the mythstones to form mythics? Do i need items that have 4 sockets to put all the the combined mythstones? Thanks and advance…

Yes you need an item with 4 sockets you get either by drop or using a crystal (zircon i think)

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Griffin . This for weapon only ? Or for all wizard equipment

All of the mythics in this post are broken into groups of what pieces of gear you may slot them into :smile:

If im not mistaken chest is for the robe right ?

Yes :smile:

Bro how to make an legendary affix n what crystal do i need to use and this is also usable for other class ? Or just for the wizard ?

Amber = Epic affix
Ruby = Legend affix
Amethyst = Set affix (Rage, Druidic, etc)
Obsidian = crystalline affix

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Oh okayy . Thank you very very very muchhh


‘Effective’ and ‘Dauntless’ recipe didn’t work for me. Tried to craft some cheap mythic out of excess myth stones to see if they’d salvage into high-end crystals.
But both recipes just turned into items with 4 myth stones slotted and not Mythical items.
Did it change or did I do something wrong?

@Wack what do you mean by that?
Mythic Items don’t turn to high end crystals but, high-end mythstones when converted. And @Griffin012 I think you need to update your Smithery.

I just didn’t know what mythics salvage into, but wanted to find out.
If mythics salvaged into high end crystals, it would have been a way to get rid of the extra myths tones and get some extra crystals.
But since you know that they don’t - no need to experiment further - ty for sharing the info;)

I guess it is good that only 1 resource Mythic works.Because having more than that would probably break the game.

hi! who can helpme with a summoner build? i make many mythis items, but i dont know what i have to use,
and why i cant claim google prices?

Can’t remember who - but one of the developers said that when you try to accomplish the google quests you HAVE to play online - otherwise it might fuck up somehow.
I have done that with one of my quests, so now I just can’t claim the reward even though the quest is marked as ‘finished’.
Maybe thats the issue?:slight_smile:

ty for the answer bro, some build for summner wizard?

Very help full i wonder why this is not at the top of the page more often.

because it’s an 8 year old post. it’s very helpful, and it probable gets Searched a lot, but most people just start a new thread or ask questions in the Question Thread.


Brilliant post