Hi everybody, i need some help

Sorry i forgot the pet!:confounded:

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On really high floors hp is not going to help you. What you need is block or dodge. Also nice pet!

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Try building mythic items too. I believe there are threads in this forums to help you.

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So, bloodmagic is useless? I’m gonna try that, but i don’t know what mythics are good, im pretty lost hahaha.

Ty for the pet :smiley:

I suggest crafting the mythic energy so you wont have problems on mana.

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Here’s a guide for mythics and crystals.

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I don’t use mana because the only thing i use for killing monsters is Skullshield, i have think a lot what im gonna do :thinking::thinking:
Ty for the guides, its helpfull

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See my build from wayyy back

I literally only have 1 hp lol

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Wow, that’s interesting…
i changed some hp and mp afixes and put block, now i do more dmg but im more squishy hahahhaha im finding a way, more than before.
I don’t know if i need change my weps and try something else but now im on the floor 392, must climb a little more

But never mind my build for now. You need to increase your luck and goldfind. That is why i recomend you grind in floor 200 maps and pick pack size maps.

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Look, i got this stats

I need more luck? How far i need farm in floor 200 maps? Ty for helping

Here floow these screenshots:

  1. go to floor 200

  1. Go to shop

  1. Buy a bunch of maps

  2. Look for pack size affix of the map like this:

Keep farming and leveling up your hero. If you’re lucky enough you het good drops. Make sure to read carefully the legends you get.


You also need to find this

The extra set bonus really helps you a lot

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And yess blood magic is useless in your current build. Maybe crushing flames is better. Make sure to have it with crushing blow.

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Ah, ok im gonna buy some maps! Can i roll them with diamond? I have this ring

I choosen plagued because the poison cloud dmg but im gonna try crushing flames

What is the point of farming in lower floors?

Floor 200 actually is the best floor for grinding. Floor 200 has the most minions on pack size maps. Like i said, more enemies more items and drop. Especially now that you have 2 nadroji +4 set numbers = 6 set numbers. Thia will greatly increase the rare legend drop rate. You can stick to plagued for now since you started with it. Experiment more when you have more diamonds and myth stones. For now grind in floor 200. Salvage the useless legends you get. Yes you can roll maps with diamonds.

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Make sure to upgrade your equipments with emerald and peridot.

When you max the level to 100 and max the quality to 25% it has the best chance for a perfect roll of affixes

Uploading: 20200417_131645.jpg… Uploading: Screenshot_20200417-131607_Dungeon Quest.jpg…

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I made some changes, im farming in floor 200 with maxed pack size and is very fun hahahaha! Its better?

And also i got a new pet :smiley:Screenshot_20200417-034044~2

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Better than what you started with :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Look for an item named ‘glinting slicer’ it a weapon similar to what you have now but the ‘Arcane damage%’ will change to ‘poison damage%’ when you’ve used calcite on it, this will litterally double your damage. Also the set crystalline is very good too.

The next thing i would suggest is a ring of epiphany, this having a similar effect the the weapon i suggested only the effect of epiphamy set allows for even more luck, gold find, item drops, block, dodge, etc.

Which brings me to my last point for now; the head, i have two recommendations, the head ‘Revenge’ is from warrior, super cheap, mainly for its ‘block%’ affix, which when you buy it has a chance for this affix to be of crystal/obsidian rarity (just buy a tone of them, eventually you’ll fine one) which is normally only possible on an Off Hand item, this helping survivability A Lot!
My second recommendation would be the boundless cap, this very similar to what you have now but eternalised means more eternal item drops, meaning more items to convert to rare crystals. (I used to use an eternal of this item for general stats)
Oh and one last thing, check your item’s ‘natures’ you can see this when you view the items expanded view by the name, it will say ‘[item name] of strength’ or ‘[item name] of greed’, or something like that, i highly recommend using ‘beryl?’ to change these to [item name] of evasion, each one giving 1.5% dodge, adding up to 9% dodge for free