Guess who's back?

Guess we are gonna see if un-killable cv warriors are still viable. Lol. Any new builds worth mentioning? Been away for a while


I started singing Slim Shady when I saw the title of your post. Welcome back! It has been a long time since I have seen you in the forum. They fixed the OH healing talent and CV has been nerfed to the ground. There are no builds worth mentioning. Good luck.


welcome back, hope you enjoy all the changes since the last time you were here. do a search on patch notes to find any changes to game play. DQ = fun!


I don’t remember you, but what’s poppin’, cutie pie?

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Awesome. Welcome back

Lol good to see that the legends in the community are still active. Been checking out the new sets. Wonder… Is this still in the ok range?

also does this include my dmg reduction from defiant and mp absorb? Or is that added separate?

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Also with my old build my CV torrents are still hitting around 12.5-14.5 mil. But your right it’s way down. Although I had no trouble getting back in to eternal, I can tell I definitely have to find something new.

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Just dont craft an immortal build and we are gucci

I think it’s possible as far as I remember. I was pretty close to it when I had my op prayer build. Now that the oh heals are fixed maybe it will work better. Although my disco ball build was the fun one, but was bugged at the time. With that defence build, adding maxed out prayer would be semi immortal. Or at least very annoying to kill. My longest before forfeit was 17 rounds in top 2% . Although I only used it when I wasn’t actively playing. Based off Griffons "punch me till you die"build.

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Some old screenshots.

Lol when it was fun