Guild and guild war

Because 1v1 or 2v2 in AI is boring

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Guild wont be added to dq because dq is basically offline game

I don’t like Guilds anyways if I’m being honest but we can all dream about the guild.

Maybe in a future game it may happen. I honestly prefer the offline aspect of the game but PvP is still good as is .

The A.I is up to debate. The DQ A.I I face is quite close to human facing me in some form and sometimes far better in execution due to changes of A.I settings and build.

As cool as it would be to face real players, I think that should be for a next game if possible . With the current mechanics, facing real players would be very different if it’s even possible at all. Maybe similar to some A.I battles or a whole new level entirely.

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A little question, if I may ask…

Why everybody is telling for “a new game”?
Will there be a new game soon?

My suggestion is Battle Royal,…

DQ rumble

Maybe the AI in practice mode must have a difficulty like, eternal league AI ,legendary league, etc. To practice your build efficiently in PVP

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