Guild or Clan?

Maybe we can have a clan or guild? What can we do on clan? Maybe we can share out matches in our rank game or maybe we can challenge our clan member to practice

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Welcome and thanks for posting!

Clans/guilds are something that is always fun! One of the things we have to think about on our end is how do we manage communication? Right now in DQ we are limited to mobile device only, but as we look forward to other games like DQ if we have other methods of communicating (maybe that is party chat, or keyboard input, or discord like services) it makes it easier for us to add these features.

We will keep it in mind for sure! While this is something that we don’t have the support systems for in DQ, we will make sure we consider this in our upcoming titles.

Thanks again for posting and welcome!!

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I like the Idea of having a Stable for Arena game play. Like ole times Greek and Roman. Where gladiators were owned and managed by a sole proprietor. More than one gladiator. A whole Stable of them. We already have a Stable with potentially 5 different gladiator contestants for the Arena. House (player) vs House. All combatants from each House (Stable) scored as one!