I’ve been active on a game called Eternity Warriors3 on ios, made by the company glu. The game is dying due to the developers’ greed and lack of response to users’ complaints and feedback; i’m in a guild of 50 active players right now and many if not most of us are looking for an alternative arpg that we can play together. I’m a huge fan of dungeon quest, and play it on my own… it does have some community elements, but a guild system with chat function and some kind of weekly tournament so that guilds could compete with each other would, I think bring in a slew of new ios players. Any chance of the guild/chat tournament thing happening sometime in the near future? Thanks! :smile:

Please dont make trash diablo 3 out of awesome diablo 2:)

“Social patch” (friendlist - hiring friends - and prolly “guilds” - events, etc) will be released in 2-3 “big patchs”
This one is focused on the new enchant mechanics (gambling vendor - mythstones - crystals)

But yeah DQ will become a “social” game soon, staff is just focusing on the “content/features” before adding the “social aspect” which will come later (100% true) :smile:

That would be amazing. I will inform my friends!

Well. Hiring friends, guilds, DQ as a social game… This all sounds AWESOME!

(Leaves to get brother to get the game so that they can play together.)