Guys, can someone suggest what mythstones to put here. Please. Thank you



21 billion gold T.T

Or 2.1 billion, if you want to be accurate. :wink:


Cheater Confirmed. :joy:

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that 21B is sick dude, just put a MS that suits ur build

lol. nice gold. hahaha.

ive been playing DQ for almost 3 years. and my gold havent reached 1B yet. hahaha.

hope you dont need to create a new account soon. lol


look at this… a player with 2.1 Billion gold doesnt know what mythstone to add in these items.

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Take a look at skilled armor haha ans those mythic items xD

Obvious cheater is obvious. Setting your gold to the maximum possible number then posting a picture here is kinda dumb.

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i think your the opposite “peterpan” lol

this i lol-ed… my highest was like 123M… left 53M now.

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i have 600+M now. but its really far from 21B. lol.

maybe i can reach 1B in 1 and a half month of 2-3 hours daily playing. or just wait for the patch for faster farming. :joy:

guess peterpan was really a great farmer. lol