Had a very intrigueing idea, i need an awnser for my flame cloak build

So i was looking into mercenery and was disapointed to see it only has that effect on swords. I was about to go back to the drawling board when i froze and had an epiphany, what is actualy telling the game an atack was made by an actual sword? Dose this thought logic implie any sword based atack in the game has a chace to set off mercenery, meaning a wizard who got a hold of a reclamied blade and used a jasper to turn it into a staff and then used an amber to put sword throw as their main hand atack, or perhaps set as a sword throw proc using a ruby, can also benifit from mercenery? Or any class in general? This is rather intrigueing and i can see awsome implications in both pvp and pve. Thoughts?

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I had the same thoughts, but have not done any testing. I just decided to go with a warrior for my floor climbing build.

my thought was it only works when Warrior & Wizard Sword weapons are equipped. I’m not sure if anyone has done any tests. if this is true, Rogue gets no benefit from this Set, unless it works with the Rogue ‘Sword’ Dagger.

if it works in a similar way to everything else in the game, i would assume it means so long as your weapon is a sword (presumably a warrior’s sword) then the mh primary and secondary attacks will benefit from mercenary… that being any secondary attack you want to put on your mh, for example: storm, blinkstrike, charge, etc.

not that i’ve tested it, but just my hypothosis haha

btw, the game doesnt take memory of what an item used to be, so if you jasper a sword, the game wont think of that staff as a sword

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No im not talking about that, im talking about giveing a mercenery sword that was made a staff the sword throw ability.

well, Sword Throw is a Skill, not a Sword Weapon.

what you should do, is have another Item with Mercenary, then test Wizard Staff (Jaspered from Warrior Sword with Mercenary) & Wizard Sword with Throw Sword Skill and see what the truth of the matter is.

I will do so.