Haha Comeback Player from 2015

Hello Guys Old Player from year 2015, Member of Wargodz a silent group here in Dungeon Quest Forumn one of the legit Guild here aside AS(AllstarPh)still in Mythic League even if years pass by this is a sign that my build is still Good and not fading hahah…


welcome back. there have been a lot of changes in PVP with @Mr_Scooty and others sharing their powerful Builds in the Forum. which has gotten a lot of other players Crafting different powerful Builds to compete.

Welcome back. Check out @Mr_Scooty build reveals. After that check out @NUIQUE build reveals.


The guides you need to look at are the immortal and anti immortal to start. Then there are hybrids which @NUIQUE and myself have devised ( check out my bad wolf build and @NUIQUE s rogue summoning princess guide ) . We shared our ideas for our builds and they are very similar and different takes on the idea of an hybrid (My concept :sunglasses:) . An hybrid takes bits of other builds and twists it into something very different and special but difficult to play :thinking: But definitely check out @Mr_Scooty s guides on immortal and anti immortal builds. They are the foundations of build making.