Halloween Vanity Skins (and how to get them)


Since we have been getting a lot of questions about the Halloween Vanity skins (how to get them, equip them, etc) we did a quick video to walk players through the process of getting the skins equipped.

You must download the latest version of Dungeon Quest from your particular app store to use the vanity skin. If you DO NOT have the latest version of Dungeon Quest you will still get the Free Vanity messages but you will not be able to equip them.

Walk-Through Video

Google Play Link

Apple App Store Link

Amazon App Store Link

As the video shows you can only equip these skins from the Vanity Tab on your character inventory page.

Patch 2.3.5 - Patch Notes
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Will these be avalible on the 31 or 1 ?


Yeah I think we are going to run them until nov 10th or so