Halloween vanity

Guys im gonna ask the Halloween vanity is still available this November??

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I think you should check the Messages when you log into your DQ and see if it’s there, and also check your Vanity Tab to see if it’s there.

if not, then this might be something a Dev (@tdaniel) could let us know if they are still available or not.

We did not send out the vanity items this year. We have been working on getting support for Google’s new Android version support. As we have mentioned a few times upkeeping the old DQ1 code base is almost an impossible task now that all support has been stopped for the tech we used when we made the game originally.

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thanks for the reply, even though it makes me sad. I’ll keep playing DQ for as long as possible, until the only thing left of the game are great memories. and the DQ Forum for Historians!