Halp me develop this

I need to make a tank build in pvp hihih

Is CV stand for Cerebrax Vortex ? Do it work well with Full Reflect Build ? I dont have enough dust to unlock those items yet :sweat_smile:

Also if I play Wiz and use Shieldwall proc, will + Shieldwall on gear take effect ?

Yes. You could try reflect build .

Also yes you can get skullshield and Shieldwall again.

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Thanks, Shieldwall is pretty good for Reflect :slight_smile:

Someone must jatdown for what your typing and revealing brada hahahha

Look for Cerebral Vortex OH for Cerebral Vortex Bonus (45% Resource Cost Requirements)

Vortex bonus isnt worth it unless you find it fits your build very well and makes a difference. You’ll have to dedicate a few slots for 25% resource cost.

Now that resource cost is buffed, that means you can do 1 crystal resource cost 11% I believe as well as a couple of legend ones and 1 nature or so. Around 3 slots taken.

You won’t want your Nature to be resource cost because you may use Fauns gift for the luck and high HP as well.

Seeing as questions relating wizards are flying - would Demonic bonus be worth the trouble of working into my scoundrel build? Or should I stick to haunting bonus instead? and epiphany bonus to go with both.

Go with demonic

Nvm this post guys i know what to do now heheheh but feel free to ask questions…

Demonic and Electrocution are not really good in the arena. Same for Epiphany and Haunting Bonus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah i agree ive tried it before i coudnt even reach an mmr of 1200+ huhuh

I totally get why they aren’t as effective in the arena. It’d be too easy progressing with average builds and the bonuses to compensate.

Thanks tho’ the clarification helps. :laughing:

Despite the bonuses not being so effective, I’m using them till I craft and tweak replacements. I suppose this is what’s preventing me getting passed 1% of mythic league. :scream_cat:

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