Happy 1st Aniversary to me


In one year I’ve made several builds, found merlins imp, made eternal league in 1v1 and am nearly ready to ascend for the 6th time


@dickwad Congratulations. we fought several times on arena. and i must say. your hp regen is amazing. permafrost and druidic bonus were combined. :ok_hand:


Thanks :slight_smile:


Congratulations on 1 year! I’ve had the game for over 4 years and haven’t done nearly as much as you!


contatulations @dickwad. I have been playing for about 2 years, a friend got me into it. but he liked to distract me with other games, so I never really got serious with DQ. the summer after 3.0 came out is when I got serious about playing DQ, but mostly that was because I read the Patch Notes for 2.1 (when Perks were introduced), specifically the part about how much experience you need to get the Perks. that got me all fired up to Ascend, and to Craft an Ascending Build, which was kind of crazy, because I didn’t really know much about Crafting Gears at the time. the only thing I knew was that I needed 6 Quest Stones on my Gears, and I didn’t have any at the time. I just finished Leveling my PVP Wizard, but I discovered that I don’t have any True PVP Gear, they all have affixes for Farming, Ascending, or Climbing, so while get a Pet up to max level, I can think of what I need on my Gears while reading Mr. Scooty’s Immortal Reveal Thread.


Congrats :v: