Hard to Rankup

guys as a newbie is too hard to match with the pro in 1v1 battle i suggest matching with the same ability and level is better

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Get decent items and affixes… The difference is how you understand the game and also ur experiences.

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Are you struggling?

im sorry but literally its so hard to rankup lol

Nope lmao thats so rude xD

Believe me its hard at first but when you play long enough ull start to understand it more and make a decent build…

Have you considered this:

  • placing +7500 hp on every gear including pet
  • placing +5000 ed on every gear including pet.
  • luck affix and fauns gift set
  • vamparic touch set affix.

These are some tips for a basic build to reach eternal league. You can experiment on other affixes also to improve it.

wow, such rude

I think a rank is supposed to measure players’ ability so…

Try to use one of several good pvp builds around the forum until you understand arena mechanics and trends in order to make your own build.

I started with arena when I reached lvl 40. I got decent equipment and prolly floor 60 and I can easily rank up so…

Is Very Hard to rank up!? .

Well it really depends on the person some aren’t really good at first so please try to understand them.

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Maybe you are just too excited about arena. You overlook ur sets and items that are not advisable for arena. PvE builds and PvP builds are way too different. I suggest try reading the terms in dq dictionary. Visit or try some pvp builds here in the forum. After that try the arena again and see how their build works. Just use their build to understand thearena better and also to have the eternal trophies in your kit. After u have those, try making ur own pvp build.

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