Hardcore Mode


@Homicide never go glasscannon. its not worth it nowadays. i used to have a (heavily proc oriented) glasscannon back in the day, and i ended up spending most of my money on reviving and safety buying maps… not good these days. now im going for max luck and gold find. dunno how im gonna do it tho…


Actually Glasscannon is always worth it since at high floor, HP doesn’t even matter anyway. Why? If you invested in HP For high floor and even floor 500, you end up taking huge amounts of affix space and barely enough for any kind of damage.

For survival at high floor, you just need dodge, block (optional) , stealth or smoke bombs. Also a way to not get hit and ice builds since Frozen will immobilize any enemy, even the worms .

Crushing flames is also good for fast kills though but I think a good combo is stun, Ice elemental crit freeze and then fire for the crushing flames effect.

Me at floor 1600, I would take million HP damage if I had a million HP warrior and any kind of tanking takes too much affix space and not enough for actual damage or even crushing blow damage from crushing flames. If I were to keep on going, yeah HP won’t help , just dodging and getting to cartographer as fast as possible and killing some enemies along the way. Frozen really does help though.


my glascannon build didnt have sanctuary amulet. for floor climbing its necessary, since it gives you an extra life. effective is for farming. and i dont hesitate in using it :'D insert low level farming pixelated mlg glass here


It doesn’t really matter if it is 100 or 1000% of TnT Props or Skyfall, since I’m using an evasion build. But I shoulda try this combination with enemy bolt.