Hardcore Mode

I admit, i havent done my research in this to avoid duplicating topics but this idea always kept me awake. Why not create a hardcore mode, where its all about stacked hp to not die. Death penalty would be character loss. Its that simple: if you die, you start all over again. I’d defineatelly play it, since i love these kind of challenges myself. Would be nice to see it ingame.

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What about maps where if you die even once, you leave the map (it’s kind of hardcore but you don’t lose the character and the maps will be harder). Although one thing is that you can buy maps anyway .

A hardcore mode would be cool though if there was a way without having obvious risks to your main character (like a separate game mode with separate character but that character can be deleted if they die but your main won’t). Although at higher floors than 200, the risk of dying becomes almost inevitable although 100% block and stuff may help. Even if the limit was 200, it can still be hardcore mythic 3 .

DQ hc sounds horrible :scream: Honestly my current farm build die 20+ times per hour :joy:How abou you?


If you want a hardcore mode, just run skyfall + pack size maps, lmao


Ican see it now … ““packsize lag fragged me… restore pls””

Lel. I knew the idea sounded horrible and I even said it before but hardcore definition varies. Oh but hardcore DQ did exist when there was a TNT prop bug in 1.8 or 1.7 where if you died by TNT, you lose your character and cronos did tell me about this. I was glad I didn’t play maps in those times.

I mean how to play DQ on a map that is very hard. Skyfall, immune enemies, enemy resist, 3+ bolts, tnt props , enemy affixes , packsize 100%+ . That’s what I remember getting once and it was a very hard map even for my survival builds for floor climbing. If ignore resist, the resist and immune doesn’t matter. With weaken high enough, immunes are dead but the resist gained can kind of matter (not too much though).

I think, that a separate pin, or password, that is not the same as the main password (in case some cheeky wanker steals your account) should protect the mains good. I think, that on the long run (maybe 4.0) its possible to create a level capped mode, where you can get the best gear but the affixes would be half as potent as their normal version (25% blinkstrike would mean 12.5%) thats a challenge.

Aka level 20 mode lol.

Lol. So, you wanna adapt the idea of Diablo for real :joy:


path of exile but close. Im a diablo 3 hater sorry :smiley: btw is the 1vq arena ranking thing broken for only me? i cant seem to open it

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PoE is excellent game too.

i only have 300 hours according to steam but ive been playing dq every day for over a year now. i have my priorities. but i deleted my past account. i was a filthy hacker. and i got my punishment for my crimes. now im clear. i dont even have a rooted account. im planning on releasing a sort of idea bracket on how to patch speeding up the game and hacking mythics etc… it can be patched i think.

Skyfall + all mob is a worm(eternal worms) + pack size 200% + TNT props 200%

Imagine the horror of this map. LOL

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It is fun, LOL
I was just running a 135% Skyfall + 198% TnT Props + 148% Pack Size with my new wizard build and didn’t die a single time. Although, I needed to play carefully and it took more time than usual maps.

Try that but with 2+ enemy bolt or even 3+ with worms and mages, then have 2+ enemy affix to add to the salt. Also max cap of TNT prop is 500% and Skyfall is like 200% or more.

Lol. Uh huh. And i seem to get max tnt props every map, well… 400+ always

lol back when i ran maps, i hardly ever got pack size. itwas so annoying.

I use a hella lot of crystals rerollin maps to get packsize, or… to remove tnt and skyfall at higher floors. Seems that those affixes could be listed as “-oneshot”. :slight_smile:

Of course, could just be my glass cannon warrior at floor 500 with only 20k health. Shrug. Im new. Lol