Hardcore Mode?

Is it possible to add hardcore mode in DQ1 while we are waiting for DQ2?

[What is Hardcore Mode?]
Its a game mode where if you die once, your progress is gone forever. This gives competitive players a chance to show their knowledge and tactics in playing the game with some stakes. One life and difficulty cannot be changed which prolly is Mythic 3 or 5? 10? :smiley: Lezz go!!!

[Why Hardcore Mode?]
Old players are prolly too bored playing
+1k map runs and going PvP already obtained every possible rewards. And instead of waiting, let us have another game mode where we must play the game with hadicaps like what they do with Diablo and PoE which is very popular for streamers and speedrunners. I myself will try it out because we’ve pretty much got nothing more to do than, i dont know… Collect every eternal pets and whatnot.

Imagine the forums posting their hardcore runs, where they do speedruns on map 1k on Mythic 3(or 5 because why not) and prolly has 3month rotation where some stuffs like Crushing blow and Plagued are banned/unbanned for balancing purposes and to keep the game fresh and preventing staleness of like theres one or two only viable builds.

Any questions, concerns and/or violent reactions? Let me know at the comments below!


Noooooooo!!! :scream_cat:

personally, i am always coming up with new ideas for Wizard Builds, and since I am now working up a Rogue & Warrior to 6 Perks, I have come up with ideas for these also (can’t wait to try them out!). not to mention that I am still working on perfecting Golems Ultimate Farm Build.

on the other hand, I can see how this idea would be great for those who have met all of their DQ Goals. sure, it means more work for the Dev’s, but I am sure that they could also make some $hop Vanities or even some more Legend Items specifically for Hardcore Players who both play Hardcore and Rank well in Hardcore.


Unfortunately, the meta in this game(DQ) is pretty much figured out ever since the Crushing Flames patch. Other builds like Frozen and Plagued are still viable ofcourse, but unless you want your players to have fun playing the game(for the sake of replayability), you need to keep the game fresh and evolving.

Unless they have planned major patch update near future, I dont think ill be happy playing the game knowing that they have prolly moved on to other games(please dont, I love DQ and I just wanted to play the game honestly.)


hmm, i am probably stubborn when it comes to DQ, but i still try to think of ways other than Crushing Flames to move up the Floors. my problem is i don’t have enough resources from Farming to test all the ideas i have (I keep using them up for some reason), and hopefully, sooner rather than later, i will have a Rogue and Warrior to add to the testing mix.


Idea for hardcore mode:
All sets is banned so no broken build. Most high level builds have +4 all sets so making this go away would change the pve meta


So old school DQ? :thinking: Well with some twist since legends and eternal legends exist but early DQ had epic as max. Just no set affix. Or how about one with no crystal affix? Maybe keep the dust as the game is already grindworthy as it. Except with lower pool of crafting and legends to get, maybe not. Could keep ascensions in this mode or one without. Just lvl99 but with the hardcore mode.

I used to play DQ this way when I started.