So, if you’re character is using Blood Magic and you also have a hat with the mythic skill Harmony, what happens?

Blood Magic is a type of Resources System Mythic. Let’s say you wear a Blood Magic item AND another Resource System Affix like Harmony, Blood Magic’s effect will ALWAYS remain and “overwrite” any other types of Resource Items you currently have equipped.

So what about alchemy and harmony?

BM will always overwrite any other Resource system.

Alchemy works with Harmony, but it might act a little funny due to Alchemy´s Rules.

Hope this clarifies everything.

There can only be one Resource System active at once anyway, so there is no point in having 2 different Resource Items equipped. :slight_smile:

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I see. Is there a list of the order in which the game deems the mythics more important?

BM > Resource System, that can be used in any Equipment Slot > Resource System, that can be used in Head Slot only.

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Alright. Thanks