Has anyone compiled a list of skills that pierce?

I’ve searched and couldn’t find it so I figured I’d ask here. Is there any place where i can find a list of skills that pierce?


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What about twister? That goes through mobs.


Twister isn’t piercing even though it goes through mobs. It’s like torrent, it goes through mobs but it isn’t actually piercing and a bit like Cyclone.

Thanks cuzegspiked. I should probably just make that statement as part of my signature line…

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I’m playing as a wizard and my MH spell is twister. For a while I had a pet with an epic affix “Taunt” which increases the effectiveness of the skill “Taunt” obviously

However before I even re-rolled for the OH skill to land on Taunt - I found that whenever I used twister it’d act as its own taunt, by dragging enemies across the map till the spell ended. My element at the time was ice DMG (dont know if that poses any significance with force-traveling enemies with skills or effects from APS)

But the moment I stopped using the pet that had the Taunt affix, my twister no longer took them for a ride.

Does taunt effect certain skills or APS at all ?? as in taunt, the epic affix known to land on a pet for no class in particular

This would answer questions I have concerning a few other affixes revolving around skills - talents - elements.

Thanks :v:

Do you mean +taunt affix?



An epic affix that provides 10 points to the OH skill taunt capped at 10 via rolling epic affixes. As pets can have affixes for all classes, I just want to know if those 10 points going to taunt benefit me as a wizard in anyway and if taunt applies itself to certain skills or effects, all circumstances considered.

Another example… Iet’s say i rolled the talent “Prayer” with a sapphire on one of my pets epic affixes.
As a Wizard
Even though my character doesn’t possess the talent, do the effects still apply? And if so what are they most likely to influence?

Talents from other classes don’t work on main class no matter what. That means prayer won’t work. O_O

For eg, wizard talents only on wizard, rogue talent on rogue and warrior talent only on warrior.


Alright so that’s clarified. Thanks. How does this explain my twister MH skill having a taunt like effect in the past but it no longer does now ? Element type perhaps ?

Twister always had a taunt like effect since that was the nature of Twister. It always taunted enemies and it still does. Cyclone is mythic Twister that stays on your body when it isn’t bugged XD.