Hatsumi's Trickster Bucaneer Build

Hello everyone, I’d like to share this rogue build of mine, which revolves around Buccaneer and Trickster sets. My Endgame here after this set, is to make Crystal Mytho Buccaneer and Trickster set.

^ I’ll try to build an Arc Plunderbuss out of this one.

^ Rerolled this one into an Illusion 20

I usually main this character, with my 4-Faun, Broadway+Eternal Furor Warrior in my Epic / Legendary challenge map runs (101—250, currently at 120-Epic)

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Can anyone help me make this PVP-viable?

I can see myself holding up 3-Buccaneers & 3-Tricksters for a start. And I’m sure I need to let go of the Luck stats for HP & MP regen/recovery.

Wtf I Iove your pet. I wish I’ll get mine soon :sob:

Yea, I think I got Heaven around Epic ~ Mythic 2 difficulty. I’m kinda jumpy where I’ll farm next, especially for Arc mythstones, and so happened I found her.

(DREAMY: Trickster set + with Buccaneer gear features anyone?)

If you really want it to become a PVP build, i wont recommend this build in terms of DMG and Survivability…Just me…I tried to work with Scattershot and Buccaneer but its better with PVE. Ricochet can be used though…I think theres one in Build Section.

I’ll try to remake a Scattershot build with Buccaneer Set but like I said…only good for PVE for me.

I think my build has like 25%~45% survival chance at 2v2 PvP ones.