Haunting and Epiphany Item bonus

I use both haunting bonus and epiphany bonus on arena but epiphany bonus is not glowing. Using two bonus dont work on arena??

I’m just guessing totally here… but arena reduces stats, so does epiphany bonus still have 70%atk spd?

I use the epiphany only and the bonus is glowing but when i equip both haunting and epi the bonus on epi is not glowing

It did sound like it when I talked about bonuses to Mr Scooty but then @Qweqwe says bonus glows but when equipping Haunting+Epiphany bonus, it doesn’t glow. I can’t exactly pinpoint why.

How much attack speed on gear in PvP you added @Qweqwe ? I can think 28% but epiphany bonus gains you 20% DMG or something instead of 28%. Haunting Bonus could be 16% Clearcast by arena next but 40% DMG gain.

Although I was pretty sure Epiphany and Haunting Bonus or Vortex bonus weren’t worth it since it required so much to activate but for little gain such as 70% attack speed for 28% DMG or 40% Clearcast for 40% damage and too many slot or vortex bonus also requiring many slot for 25% resource cost .

Perhaps we need @Mr_Scooty to answer this one. :slight_smile:

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You need 28% attack spd on arena to activate epiphany bonus, but unlike on PVE, it costs a lot to activate it on arena. To you have a idea, 2 Crystal Attack Spd is equal to 90% on PVE, but only 22% on Arena.

Epiphany bonus requires 28% attack speed to activate in the arena for 20% more damage.

Haunting bonus requires 16% clearcast to activate 40% more damage.

Please remember bonuses will only show activated on your main character. They will not show activated on a hireling in PvP.


Epi bonus glows when i equip epi only but when i equip both bonus in epi dont glow and i use it on main

70% attak speed on pve is enough to activate the epi bonus on arena

This post says it all ^ @Qweqwe