Have a little question about Rogue

Guys. If i make a pathfinder set with disordeance mythic would it be a nice combination to reach billion dmg? I mean disordence switchs guided with multi shot with set bonus i get 2100% mh aoe autoattack dmg

Where u got that 2100% MH damage ? When use Discordance, GuideShot damage is switched with MultiShot damage, which base is 100% and become 300% with +4 Multi Attack ( or 500% with addition +4 Extra Attack ? Not sure 'bout this).

Pathfinder set bonus and %1050

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Damge of multishot (rank%) + bonus % dmge (pathfinder set) = damge of guidedshot (not including extra attack chances).

U use Discordance to make Multishot delay 0s right ? If so, how can u get 1050% MH dam of Multishot when it’s switched with Guidedshot damage (which around 300%) ?

Pathfinder doesn’t increase MH dmg. It increases overall DMG.

Multishot has 1050% MH without discordance. With hero point 20, you can get 2100% MH right off the bat with hero points 40, 3150% MH.

Guidedshot without discordance has 150% MH. Hero points 20 gets you 300% MH arrow. 40 hero points gets you 450% MH arrow.

Multi attack 4 means 1+(4×50%)= ×3 MH. 450% MH ×3= 1350% MH.

Although with mutilate 20, that 50% MH increase is 50%×(1+30%)= 65%. So that means 1+(4×65%)= ×3.6.

That means instead 450×3.6= 1620% MH. I could add Mutilate 40 but that can be excessive. 4+ Extra attack with mutilate though.
That is 1+(0.65+0.325+0.1625+0.08125)= 2.21875 . 2.21875÷4= 0.5546875.

That means 1620%×1.5546875= 2518.59375% MH for a single guidedshot arrow provided with hero points 40, 4 Multi Attack, 4 Extra Attack , mutilate 20 .

Although if you used guidedshot and discordance, then the guidedshot would have the long cooldown period of the multishot but with hero points 20, instead of 1050% MH, it would be 2100% MH. Or the MH from guidedshot to whatever special skill you chose in discordance and the special skill (only in discordance) can be affected by Multi and Extra Attack.


Does his guidedshot dmge will increase if he used pathfinder set bonus which gives 200% or 300% bonus multishot dmage knowing that he’s using discordance??. I think that was his asking about :confused:

I got mu answer thank you every1

Yes that Multishot MH increases from the pathfinder bonus when you have enough pathfinder and it can work with discordance and hero points. But if using discordance, the MH gains will still only affect the special skill Multishot which is fine sometimes.