Have a question about immortal build


Guys while i was playing ranked to reach eternal i saw this build and truly admired the idea however my build was so weak in terms of survivability i was shocked immotal build did not one shot me it was doing so little damage as a flintlock glasscannon i have gone near him and standed there he was attacking me 10 times and he barely killed me now my question is how immortal build users rise to eternal league with so little damage? This confuses me…


from what little I understand about Immortal Builds, in this case, it looks like this Immortal Build has a lot of defense. for every round after the first, all damage done is increased 25%, so eventually, even though it was doing small amounts of damage, the damage goes up every round, same for players. so if you were able to survive somehow, you would eventually be able to do enough damage to defeat the Immortal Builds defenses.
do a search in the Battle Arena posts. there is a lot of good advice, and some of the players have shared video of their Arena battles.