Have I missed something?

don’t know if I’ve missed it, but I’ve just created a new hero (wizard lvl 1) and I hired a follower, my other build (warrior lvl 86) and I’m not leveling up with the wizard, I’ve played 10 maps and I’m still at lvl 1 with my wizard. I have tried to find threads about it here on forums but I can’t find anything. so I appreciate your help and yes I am a newbie so please help me out without throwing stupid comments in my face.

I would first test Leveling the Wizard solo just to see if it is gaining experience. then switch the Toons, have the Wizard be the Hireling and see if it is gaining experience that way. then lastly, go back to the Wizard as the Main and see if the problem persists. if it does, you might have to send in a Bug Report to Support Thread. also, before doing any of this, take a look at the Stats Page and see what the Experience Boost is for the Characters. just in case that becomes important later. it could be, because your Hireling has such a high level, the level difference is affecting your Wizards experience gains. and if you are on low floors to keep your Wizard from dying while leveling up, you might be getting so little experience that it is taking a long time to level up.

Yea. that’s my problem too. You should try to leveling up your low level toon before you hire it as a hirelings. Example, your level 86 toon. And your level 1 toon. You should try to make your level 1 toon into level 50 or swap it, Use your level 1 toon as a main and hire your level 86 toon.

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There is an XP Penalty associated with using a hireling when levels differ. Furthermore, XP is split between the two with the higher leveled one gaining much more Xp (in this case) than the lower leveled one.

If you want to level up faster with your Wizard, try what Golem suggested: play with your Wizard solo then use it as a hireling.

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Have the wizard as an hireling to your warrior. It will be level 50 in an hour

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Thank you all for your help and quick replies🙏🏼 I’m slowly starting to understand how things working now. It would have been impossible without this forum and all of you guys.