Have not played arena: +2 lost matches?😵

Hey it’s me again folks!

So we all know that we will eventually lose mmr points if our ai gets beaten by real players :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face: There is no problem with that.

But an additional +2 lost matches on my stats without me duking in is something new to me. I already have a bad win-to-lose ratio and I do not want that to get any worse(if I can :joy::rofl::rofl:)

Should this +lose even if you are out normal?

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Many many thanks!

Follow my links below for why you are experiencing the issue you posted. You likely had an “internet” loss which takes a couple of hours to show up.


Thanks very much @Mr_Scooty. I also had this distorted screen issue.

And also had this “+0xp” even if I win. Coupled with big drops in mmr. Had to laugh it off. :joy:

I am aware of horrible internet sabotaging the arena(it is typical for us here in the Phil.:snail::snail::snail:) But the second link you shared answers it now.

Your problem on the second link also occurred to me.

And now I know the exact culprit:

  1. You have unstable internet connecion before playing arena

  2. You click “ranked match”.

  3. “Finding opponent” takes unusually long.

  4. You think. “Oh well. Must be my internet issue again.”
    Then you clicked “cancel”.

  5. Your in-game display shows that it stopped looking for matches and you go check your stats. Looks untouched. Maybe I’ll try it again. After a few failed attempts, you stopped.

  6. Hours later(or at least 1.5 hours after according to @Mr_Scooty), you play arena again.

Boom!!! Your hard-earned points are scaled down +plus you take loses.

The second link you shared @Mr_Scooty answers this

Lesson learned(esp. for players in the Phil.):

If you are unsure of your internet connection,
do not touch this:


If you have bad internet and you cancel, the server will treat it as a lost match. You will lose points and add lost matches, if you cared about them.

Once again, thank you very much @Mr_Scooty!


You are very welcome!! :+1: