[have] vacuus scipio (bow)

[want] 1B or eternal pet!

Hahahaha trading system pls T.T

[Have] Fun.

[Want] 2.1 Patch.

@SteigerBox :slight_smile:


Hahahaha i think everybody want that update hahaha. But i really need gold! Dont have enough gold to conver @_@ this is crazy haha

i once have 200M and use it all on ultra rare MS on vendor lol. now i have 18m. never increase after that lol. always use.

My friend have 300m+ and im really jealous my highest gold only 200m+ then start conver and buying gems then my gold disappears so fast hahaha gems really really expensive -.-

Use gold for convert MS and buy MS only. CS are easy to get, only convert eternal and crystal legend lol

Eternal dont drop everytime haha but its ok every player has their own styles haha

thats the key. when u dont get any eternal, u have chance to save gold for MS.

I sell legends because i dont have enough gold to convert them but i find loads of eternals that i dont want so i just convert them all, thats where i get my crystals, and also the crystal feat is great, i just convert and salvage my lowest three crystals over and over, giving me about 5 feat completions for every 6-7 games :smiley: