Having a hard( maybe semi-hard) time

good day to this community !

currently I’m at floor 57 , difficulty at Mythic 3 and I’m level 49 , and I am having a hard time killing monsters because my damage can’t kill monsters that easily . Especially when those gigantic ones come , I takes a long time to just kill them . My purpose on doing so in Mythic 3 is to be able to get items that are good . My question now is , is it necessary for me to farm now or should I just focus on leveling first ? are there things that I should keep in mind ? please help a newbie here :smile:

you should focus on increasing your damage because floor 57 is still too far from floor 200.

As a newbie, you need some priorities like progressing on floors, leveling up and farming, but if there is a moment where you cant do all three things at the same time, I suggest that should do either:

  1. Farm and Levelup
    Stay on MapLvl and Difficulty that you can clear in a short amount of time and at the same time can gain moderate Exp to be able to level up in a few rounds. Recommended for new players.

  2. Farm and Progress
    The only reason why you want to progress and farm at the same time is to obtain gears, CS & MS that are only accessible through certain map levels. An example is that gears that drop below map 100 has itemlevels that is usually below 100, but on maps higher than 100+ have a highet chance to drop a max itemlevels.

  3. Levelup and Progress
    Only recommended if you have strong gears since you cant progress if you have low level. This is usually the case when you want to atleast level both Class Level and Heroic Level by hunting Epic mobs on high difficulty, thus gaining large amount of Heroic/Class level.