Having trouble with "Skill Cost" after update

i am having trouble with “Skill Cost” and “Mana Regen” after update 2.3.
i used ot have “1377 Skill Cost” and “955 MP on hit” and “13770 MP”
Because of my HP was low, i can be killed with a single shot so i needed to shot repeatedly. This build was good for me.

After update;
Now i have “10.3K Skill Cost” and “478 MP on Hit” and “51500 MP”

Now Skill Cost is too high and Mana Regen is too low. So i can only shot once or twice because of mana lacking than enemies kills me and i got stuck in map 946…
Because of autoupdate, i have 2.3 but i am thinking about downgrading back to 2.2 if i can…
Any opinions for solution???

Version 2.2 Build

Version 2.3 Build

Simple, don’t use Energy and Push the limit.

2.1 and 2.2 had 3 bugs that made EN too useful.

  1. MP on hit worked.
  2. It ignored Push the Limit.
  3. It ignored Barbarian.

The devs decided to keep 1) and fixed 2) and 3) while rebalancing Energy. In my opinion, 1) should have been fixed too but oh well.

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it is not that simple for me, so my damage goes down&down
how can i make more damage without using them???

get crystal affix 45% reduce resource cost
or use wisdom nature on all gear

i realized something. “Energy” is the problem. After update it became the worst thing in the game. it makes your skill cost x10 times more…

Actually, it casts the same 10% and 30% regardless of how much mp you have. I use aftermath constantly and it casts very consistently, even before the 10x base mp. I think the 10x base mp could be useful for mana shield build on any mode though.

Anyway, it’s now better to have at least 50-25% energy left than full Energy because full energy no longer gives dmg bonuses. Hachimon build is nerfed and other builds that rely on full energy too are nerfed because some builds took advantage of full energy with ease.

I liked the full energy giving 100% more dmg but at same time disliked it when it came to faster casting builds so when they based it on missing energy%, it is really helpful on these builds.

For builds that did need to rely on full energy previously, barbarian can make it easier to get energy missing % for more dmg along with push the limit (optional but huge dmg) if these builds find it difficult to have consistent missing % energy. Not to mention, huge dmg and that could be very useful.

Since you are having trouble with skill cost though, I suggest no push the limit or barbarian. It’s good job no free high dmg ,because then it would be too easy. If you still have trouble, you could remake your build to adapt to new changes. Getting high dmg and casting consistently really isn’t too hard though.


hmm for me i use energy and 50% push limit im doin fine… maybe just avoid using barbarian on energy

push limit is good w/ energy now (atleast dont get 100%) since energy dmg boost depends on ur losing % energy.
for overall i ddnt see or feel the nerf im stil wiping maps on higher floor swiftly

desperation mythic?

It is for new players I’m only doing 2 mil a second with my dps build.

Try and error~ that how u gain experience in game and understand mechanism of the game.

Thus with that experience and knowladge, u will find the way to manage ur build