Healer class

This is just a small proposition and wouldn’t be necessary at all and could just be a weapon for each current class.

So, it would be nice to have an healer class to have weapons like swords(main weapon), shields(side weapon), healing book/item(main or secondary weapon) and maybe healing statues(secondary weapon).

This feature wouldn’t really add on to the game and might break the system of the game, so you can again read the first sentence of the topic.

it will be better if the Healer use a stick or wand for the MH and shield book for OH

It’s because I tought more of a “Paladin” healer, but it could also use spiky weapons like in most games where there are healers, but it would be more copying to add those spiky weapons, because it comes straight from fantasy and game creators, as sword healers come from medieval times with crusades and stuff like that.

yeah thier is a healer too using a knuckle :smiley:

Probably just should have a wizard wand that heals and a warrior hand statue that heals and that you can also place a bigger version on the ground