Healing Affixes


Hey guys, id like some help with viable healing affixes to implement on my pvp build.

I dont think that is worth using a crystal affix for that, as theres better choices for it.



1 Druidic + Druidic Bonus: +2000 HP Regen + 75% MP/HP Regen Boost
1 Permafrost + Permafrost Bonus: +2000 MP Regen
All Healing (Legend Affix, Angelic Items): +18% All Healing
Regeneration is also similar to Crystal Affixes.


ahh alright, i’ll invest on these and give it a try.

thanks man


Push the limit > +1 set number? ill have to make some changes, as im using a eternal CV amulet and the druidic bonus is just from amulet, might sacrifice Vampiric touch for druidic


All Sets+ > PTL, always.


Ok! thx


Actually yeah I had to remove vampiric touch, otherwise the regen would stay on 0. No wonder Druidic didnt work at first time lol…


Yep. Man the bonus works wonders and on my edited PvP build changes too.


Yeah, together with the high dmg reduction it works perfectly, so consistent


Use Harmony Mythic to utilize your Regeneration. Just a suggestion :grin:

Don’t use Aetherial Drain and Vampiric Touch since it will make your MP/HP regen to 0.


yeah i got harmony and equivalence right now, just added druidic for the regen, missing dmg prevention tho, thanks pangahaz!


angelic set


Angelic only heals your ally. Right?


Heals both you and your ally. On solo, it’s just like HP% on Hit.


Never knew that. Thanks for the info.