Healing Mobs

Guys how to deal with the monster that have a high regeneration? Demonic is enough or i need to combine demonic with other affix to kill the monster?

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Go buy a new map that without 0.3/0.4 enemy heal. Simple


Slight i think? HAHAHA

Haha okay right now I’m at floor 900+ and about that method you suggest we don’t do that kind of stuff because if your build cannot kill thay kind of monster then that build is useless that is why you need to plan and make sure your build is unstoppable

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What I mean is that kind of stats. My bad

Ahh sorry I forgot to ss my stats when I have that item at maybe after I finish this i will show you my stats right now it is still useless

My curiosity is starting it’s because some players are high in DPS while using flintlock and I would like to compare it HAHAHA

Here i found it at my old cellphone that is my stats when I’m using that set

Good for map climbing HAHA

Nhaaaa… When i encounter a monster with healing in the map discretion it takes time before i can kill that kind of mobs… Thats why I’m going to change it

Just buy a map without an enemy heal, skyfall and TNT props to avoid wasting your gold that intends for crafting hehe

Well i really really really hate the skyfall :rofl:

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Me too it’s because it will return the HP of an enemy at full health HAHAHA

the Crystal Larimar can be used to randomly change all affixes on a Map so that you don’t have to spend Gold to buy new Maps. this is useful for getting rid of Map Affixes you don’t want or getting Map Affixes you do want. there is a list of Map Affixes in the Codex > Dictionary.

the Crystal Diamond can be used on Maps to randomly change all the values of the Map Affixes. this means you can make affixes you want to have higher numbers, and affixes you want to weaken to have lower numbers.

these are the only 2 Crystals that work on Maps (Grey, Blue, Yellow, and Orange), and both of them do not work on Eternal Maps (the Green ones). Larimar doesn’t work on Legend Maps (the Red ones), but Diamond does.

the higher the floor, the higher the cost of the map in the shop. you could go to a lower floor, get a map, and then spend gold to randomly raise it to a higher floor up to the highest floor you have been to.

Skyfall Maps give extra loot because they are so deadly (mentioned by a Dev). if you rush to the Cartographer and kill him, the Skyfall stops, but will restart and not stop if you die before you finish the map. if you die before you kill the Cartographer, Skyfall will still stop when you kill him.


I observed that one long time ago that even you kill the Cart and it stops the skyfall literally but if you die again, the skyfall will strikes and it sucks HAHA


About the mobs that have a high regeneration how to anti the regeneration of the monster?


you have 3 choices.

  1. Craft a Build that does more Damage/DPS than monsters can Regenerate on any +1 to +5% Heal Map.
  2. Use Larimar to randomly change all the Map Affixes to Affixes you like, that aren’t Heal.
  3. Sell the Heal Map and Buy another Map in the Shop with Gold, and hope that it doesn’t have a Heal Affix.

Demonic Set was mentioned earlier in this Thread, but it only lowers the Mobs ability to Heal by 30%, so they still have 70% of their Healing Power.