Health build help

Has any1 tried

100% Glasscannon + Bloodmagic. How did it go?

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I tried it and it didn’t work. I’m sure there are many variables depending on other equipped gear, but the combo was a complete dud in PVE. It may be different for PVP.


:rofl: x 1 million…

Blood Magic gives 200% of your missing HP% as damage while doubling the cost of the Skill used and MP becomes HP, making your HP your Resource.

Glasscannon +100% leaves you with 1 HP while giving you +100% damage.

this means you can’t use any Skills unless you have a way of casting them for free, like using Clearcast affix. and even then, since you only have 1 HP at 100% Health, you never get the damage boost from Bloodmagic. better to use just +50% Glasscannon.

I think Glasscannon has a cap of 40 to 45 in PVP, but that would make you vulnerable with low HP all of the time, especially using Bloodmagic that has 2x Skill cost.

are you looking for a Bloodmagic Build that synergizes with other affixes for lots of damage?


Thank u @golem and @djc. Well yeah, i read bloodmagic increases dmg at double the cost. So i was thinking, what if i have just lets say 5hp? 90-98% glasscannon. Idunno. I want to try but at ghe same time i dont. XD HAHAHA

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Updaaate! Dont work xD. Cant cast a spell, i need 15k ho to cast meteor HAHAHAH


use resource reduction affixes with HP boosting affixes, but yeah 2 GC kind of kills the use of BM.