Hi, im just passing by…

It can go higher but i still need a couple of legends xD

Reflect dmg?

neat :smile:

how much damage reduction do you have in floor 300 ep8?

can you show me your gear? :unamused:

Floor 414 xD

Damn tapatalk double post, sry xD

Damn enemy 120 % heal i couldnt kill the cartographer xD

Happened to me sometimes. Drop the map went on press restart! Lol

So when i was trying to get this [attachment=1]Screenshot_2014-09-25-22-13-18.png[/attachment]
i found this :smiley: [attachment=0]Screenshot_2014-09-25-22-26-43.png[/attachment]

This is the maximum reflect dmg that i could get.

[emoji33] [emoji7] [emoji7] [emoji7]

Sry again for double.post x.x tapatalk error

nice item combination…

[quote=“SHAY”]So when i was trying to get this [attachment=1]Screenshot_2014-09-25-22-13-18.png[/attachment]
i found this :smiley: [attachment=0]Screenshot_2014-09-25-22-26-43.png[/attachment][/quote]

nice pet! all my 3 legend pet are useless… the other one had bad affixed so i sold it…


Floor 414 xD[/quote]

How do you get wizard profile pic on a warrior? I’d like to get my rogue profile pic for my warrior…

If u see it well, im using my wizard and warrior is hired but dead xD

I see. Is there a way to customize profile pic? If you use a warrior and hire a warrior, will they look exactly the same?

Exactly the same xD