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Hella everyone.

I have done a little research on my question. But I could not find what I wanted. The messages on the forum are quite complicated. Can my informed friends help?

What do the stones do?
What are powerful equipments?
How can I improve my equipment?
Some players’ equipment is purple. How do I get these?

stone cant create the item to mythic Violet item

I believe the information below will help you. Good luck.


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  1. I believe you are referring to mythstones. These stones are used to create mythic skills/affixes (purple items) you can also use a mythstone for its given affix such as +2 set numbers using elixir (to be placed in jewelry, ring and amulet) or using zenith to add pierce chance ( to be placed in chest/armor).

Some mythstones give the same affixes on every item. Some vary in their affixes when placed on a certain weapon, armor or jewelry.

You can read that in those posts/ links shown above by mr scooty.

  1. Powerful equipments are equipments that are crafted using certain combinations of crystals and also mythstones. However eternal items are also considered as powerful equipment but they cant be crafted and cant adapt if you progress on higher floors. Of course there are also some eternals that dont need crafting like the Epiphany ring ( this is only my opinion ).

Remember that you will need to understand what are the uses of those crystals and mythstones and dont just place whatever you want to put, you might just be wasting precious mythstones and crystals. For that you have the dictionary in the game, some of the definitions are not well updated so you will have to test it if the description is right.

  1. Crafting is the best way to improve your equipments.

  2. as i said those purple affixes are mythic skills that can be crafted by placing first zircon(4) and certain mythstones to create a mythc skill/affix.


Thank you for your suggestions. I have studied the forum carefully.But there are many points that I can not understand.I dont know English very well and i dont understand some points.

Which items most powerfull ? Red or green or another color.I saved some dust but i dont know how can i use dust.I saved some stones and mytich but i dont know how can i use…

I see some peoples have light blue item or purple item.How can they are do this ?I’m using translate to understand on wikia.But some meaning different or some meaning wrong.

And last one…In future maybe some language support on this game… English,Japanese,Germany,Turkish,Russian or another language.Maybe fixed some peoples problem…

So thank you for all peoples helping me…I like all game forums because peoples are share their experiences.

You can use dust to create any legend / eternal unlocked in your Codex