Hello I'm New

I just wanted to say hello and thank you to the devs for this great game and to this community for all the kind help I’ve seen browsing the forums. This game is fun to play not knowing anything but seeing how in-depth it goes with skills/affixes etc makes it even better, even though I’m clueless about what any of that means so far.

I have a lvl 64 wizard named Haunt. I’m not very good at all at games but I really enjoy playing them. The only other game I’ve played much is Wow but that got too toxic for me so quit

I have 3 plagued items to run poison build (I think that’s what you call it) and it’s so much fun! First entering a floor I equip my Legendary Hellfire skullshieldand and use it then switch back to my legendary Necrotic Grim and summon. I proc storm on almost every attack I use that I just heal my minions and it procs, so two for one deal and on Epic I instantly kill all mobs I gathered up. Should I go to higher level than Epic or stay where it’s easy? I read just get to 99 first and I just want to use poison only, for now at least. So I’m just grinding and only upgrading my legendary plagued gear. If I get upgrade for other than poison I just sell it.

I bought 2 extra character slots and made a rogue and warrior, I use them to lvl together but am not very interested in them until I get wizard all set. I also bought all the stash/prem stash/crystal/mythic slots which makes it so much easier to sort things.

How is the PvP? I’m really bad at PvP but it’s so fun and wondered if I went in now would I be going against high levels or my own level? I’m pretty much an easy win for you guys either way lol

Is it worth buying one or two of the highest gold packs? Or what is best to buy when lvl 99?

That’s all the questions I have for now as I’ve only played 4 days now but thank you so much for all the guides and how helpful and polite everyone is here

PVP is your Character (1v1) or Characters (2v2) against another players Character(s). the other players Characters are controlled by an A.I. that is preset by the other player. I believe that if you get a lot of wins in a row, you are set up against more powerful Characters.

if you have the money to spend, then you could buy the Gold Packs, but it is a lot cheaper to make a good Farm Build that can bring in a lot of Gold. Farm Builds are also good for getting more Crystals and Myth Stones to make better Builds with.

Perks are something you can get when you reach level 99. the 2 Perks most players get early are Dealer (items are sold for 10x gold) & Fortunate (+5 yard pick up radius, +200% Luck and Gold Find, over cap). Accomplished is another good one to get early (reduces requirements to finish Feats by 25%, rounded up. you finish feats faster). when you choose a Perk, you go back to level 1. you don’t lose your Equipment, it goes into your inventory until you reach a level half of your items level. you don’t have to get Perks, but they help so much with Farming that most players get them.

Welcome to DQ @Haunt. although the Codex needs an update, most of it is still helpful, and anything you still need help with, just come to the Forums.

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My advice for pvp is to read the immortal and anti immortal guides. They are your enemy. The n walk away and think “How do I do better ?”. But recreate the builds and test then you will know their weaknesses.

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Thanks so much @Golem and @dickwad that’s a lot of help.

I read the guide on farming and I’ll go that route now. I had a set with a bunch of luck and gold but before I bought extra bags and in 2 days I got 7 mil gold, over 500 crystals and 300 mythstones so I’ll try that again after I get to 99. Unfortunately, to save space I sold that gear. Bums me out now because I had legendary Steiger wep which had insane gold and luck percentages on it. Edit: also had 37 fortune on hero

I’ll have many questions in a week about the stones and what to use but right now that’s all too much over my head. I do ha one question now tho, if I don’t have a wep with shock, for example, but use a robe with 14% shock am I getting that shock benefit?

Also, I read to get a Zeus wep. I got the legendary my first day just says Zeus on it only. It’s ilvl 14. Do I just hold onto it for later or is it too low and just sell?

Elements: Items and Weapons can be different Elements. but if you have Elemental DMG% or DMG+ or Elemental Crit on separate items, they need to be the same Element as one or both of your Weapons to be useful.

Example: MH Shock Element with +20% Shock DMG & +5,000 Weapon DMG, OH Poison Element with +5,000 Poison DMG and +15% Toxic, Chest with +5,000 Shock DMG & +30% Elemental Crit (Legend affix).

in this example your MH Weapon Skills DMG are boosted +5k WD (MH), +20% Shock (MH), & +5k Shock (Chest), in that order. the Legend Elemental Crit on the Chest would also give your Shock attacks from your MH a +30% chance to Paralyze enemies.

the OH Weapon Skills DMG are boosted by +5k Poison (OH). also, you would have a +45% chance to cause Toxic Cloud (+15% Toxic on OH & +30% Elemental Crit on Chest).

if all 3 of these items were the same Element, then both weapons would be boosted by everything except for the +5k WD. WD + & % only work on the weapon they are on, but ED +, %, & Elem. Crit. can be on any item and work with any weapon of the same Element.

the first post will help you learn what affixes you can and can’t craft with Crystals, and the second post will help you save time when you find Eternal items and want to craft them.

a number of Legend affixes can only be found on items you get from loot. there are a few Epic affixes that can only go on certain items, like WD affixes on weapons only, Block on OH, Extra Attack Chance on weapons only, MP Reduce on weapons only. Block can be found on a few other Legend Warrior items, and EAC can be found on Will Of the Force Ring & Necklace.

you can save the Zeus if you want or sell it and find one later. you can convert Legend items into Dust so you can buy items out of the Codex later, if you are having a hard time finding an item by killing monsters. Peridot Crystals can be used to level up an item. or you can convert Legend items into Crystals. both require Gold, which is why Farm Builds are so important.

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You’ve really cleared a lot of things up for me. Thank you for all of your help starting me out.

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@Haunt you have only been playing for 5+ days, but it looks like you are off to a good start. learning while you play is good, and learning stuff from the Forums will help a lot, even if it takes some time to find stuff.

I still kick myself for dumb mistakes in the beginning… hello and good luck.

@Vanellope haha, my biggest mistake when I first started was deleting my character all the time when I had an idea for another class. this was when I only had 1 Character Slot. all other mistakes were a part of learning, and I am glad that I had the DQ Forums to help out with information so I made fewer mistakes, or understand why I was making mistakes in the first place. :blush: