Hello to my not so awesome wizard PvE build

Hello mates i just want to share my pve build, currently in on floor 700+ using this build and still going up :smiley:
Im not that good at explaining things thats why ill just post the picture of my gears (and other reson is i really2 have a bad english skills :3 )


i hope this can help and i hope others can help me improve this build,
still farming for insolence, nadroji parts its freakin hard to find :smile:


i think replacing pickup radius with movespeed would increase your attack.
also replacing gold find with deadstrike. unless you have satyr affix on your pet

(btw what is the equipped pet)

great job though.

Now the question is. Do you want to keep going up in floor? or are you staying at 700+ to farm.

These 3 sets โ€œReactor Aftermath spirit masterโ€ donโ€™t really go well we each other

Choose 1 type of skill as your main skill.

Looking at your set up iโ€™m guessing โ€ฆ

1.You are pressing shatter against wall to kill mob and to move around. (probably :grin: )
2.Your MainHand secondary skill you already change to ORB to utilise Reactor( IF not then i dont know)
2.Using minion as meat shield (You shouldnt be using them. minion without summoner affix die easily)

But as always if you are having fun playing it by all means go ahead. there is no Best Build in DQ. only build that suits your playstyle.

For your reference below link is the skill i used. currently at floor 700+ also.
As you can see im using only Orb + reactor

Yes sir im using satyr :smiley: and that pick up uhm for me its quite useful to pic gold easily :grinning:

Oh thanks for that sir now maybe time to farm resources again to improve this build, (or maybe time to sleep lol) :smile:
Greatly appriciated sir thans for clearing up my mind :smiley:

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