Hello Guy im Back from the dead :stuck_out_tongue:
any new content ?
its been months hahaha i haven’t Dl DQ because i have a new phone A Ios phone
i dont know if there DQ in Ios

there was DQ at ios welcome back!

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Oh Thanks Eater :stuck_out_tongue: hahahaha just maybe i will play the game again the only problem is Lacks on Content
and what to do in game

well you need to do some lots reading here at forum because there are lots of update :smiley:

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some i did read but still no like Content update a little Disappointed

well you can ask the admin for it I guess?

The 2.3 update release Im more Disappointed
years of playing DQ now they add 1 Generic Pet? there no new designs for the equipment and the Ui still
looks Bad
i was looking a new effec or set
like Hp% + damage % but - Mp %
and like Dodge % = + Armor but - Damage

There are new items and sets. Why would you like the ui update? New ways of testing build for PvP.
But if you feel there is nothing to do, you don’t need to play the game.

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True but i love game i was finding a reason to play it again but still its just a minor update with nothing new to do and a reason to play the game except finding the new set and pets and what then ?:frowning: