Help and questions

Help and few questions

Hope someone can help and answer me.

1: is theres a limit dmg and hp on pvp
2: how to know if you are in thr ban league
2.1: does it real “kraken” is on ban & legit league. ( someone told me that he was)
2.2: does kissmyaxe got banned coz he uses cheat.
3. (Photo) thats my build dmg, someone told me that theres a limit dmg and hp on pvp will i get ban just bcoz i creat a build that can hit like that.

Hoping for answer

why the picture only show the damage.? why dont u post the whole picture.?

I guess he is trying to hide username, so he doesn’t get banned
P.s nice damage, well played and created I hope u didn’t use cheats for this

there shouldnt be any reason to hide your username and gold if your not doing anything wrong, right?


Tq, u help me reveal my hidden meaning above :slight_smile:

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Nah i didnt use cheat on my items i promise 100% legit items it was base on cronos lohko build i just change and added some affixes

Up to u if tou believe me or not

I hide my username cause i have 500m gold and i think thats not good to show
I know you know alot than me but i promise i didnt cheated i just want to protect my profile

I just want to protect my profiles since a guy told me that theres a limit dmg on pvp. Thats i hide it for now until i confirm it

By the way my build was base on ur lohko+ other builds in the forum i gather idea and put them on that current build also i use #skilled for chest so thats only a x2 dmg

I know thats imposible you said
But all of the items are 100% legit

So anyone of you guys can answer the question above?

Are you still on the 2.0 patch?

Maybe he is

I deal my Max dmg about 12k-30k on pvp although I go for full dmg

those gold can increase dmg? I always wonder why :smiley:

i just checked on some of his previous thread, he play on 2.1 patch.

Come on guys cant u you notice that was on practice battle only -.-

Though i still crit on real pvp 100k (not deadly)

I will post my gold later when i get home

One can cares about my questions lol

for practice match you can do it ^^ but in the real thing kinda hard to do it because some payer use tons of armor :smiley:

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