Help: Base Items Effects

some questions for building Mythic Items :trophy:

  1. Does the base Item damage affects the scale of damage when build to mythic?
  2. Does the item class (Sword, axe, lance etc.) affect the mythic damage? Ex. You build a sword mythic item then build it on a lance or axe.
  3. When you change the skill of an item, is it affected to the points allotted on the codex? ex. I change the skill of an Axe to Throwsword (sword). If I put points on the throwsword skill on the codex, does it affect the throwsword modified to the axe? or If I put to the default skill of the axe, does it affects the throwsword modified?

I am really confused on some mythic builds sometimes, the base items are not mentioned. I hope future builds are posted with the base item to make it easier to build as some affixes and sets are specified for some items only. Just saying. :parrotdad:

Specially for newbie players like me :blondesassyparrot:

3.The points you allotted to a skill will work for that skill ONLY, i.e. if you give 20 points to your throwsword skill and then change that skill to another one like earthshatter using an amber crystal then your new skill (earthshatter) will not be affected by your allotted points to previous skill (throwsword).

Oh I see, Thanks. I’ll take note of that.

also, the different weapons will affect the damage done by the Specials. I did a test with the 4 MH Wizard weapons and Twister on each, and Twister does different damage depending on which weapon it is on.


Dec '17

Gauntlet: Blast-16.2K Twister-43.1K
Staff: Comet-7,687 Twister-30.8K
Wand: Barrage-4,762 Twister-19K
Sword: Pierce-6,562 Twister-21K

this is on the Every MH & OH Weap - Quick Reference Guide. I didn’t do a test on Warrior or Rogue weapons at the time, as I was focused on my Wizard. my test was on level 100 base items with only 25% item quality. no other boosts to damage.


Oh I see. I’ll try to reroll my weapon now, so see if its surpass the limit. Thank you @Golem.

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