[HELP] Change Weapon Type

I farming for hours to get this beautiful weapon, but drop to Warrior, I am Rogue. Ok, I applied crystal Jasper but she change a Dagger, I need a Ragnarok Chakram, is it possible to change?

No weapons always change to the same types when you apply jasper sorry

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I am sooo sad.
more 200h of farm u-u

but ty for helping

Play 2 rogues,then will only drop rogue items.I have 5 that defiant set chakrams now :smirk:

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Really? Thanks man!
I will certainly test :heart_eyes:

Of course,hireing is very good system for paid players :grinning:

I already use a Wizard, but I did not know that it influenced the types of items.
I thought it was only in luck and in the amount of drop