Help creating a build

Hi,I am going to make my own build for floor 500 farming and i was wondering what stats should i do?I was thinking 3 luck and 3 gold find crystal affixes and then elem crit and elem crit dmg and then aftermath and meteor proc to spam shatter or a reactor set,but im not sure what is best
Any tips would be much appreciated :smile:

Before you receive the help you ask for, do you have more than one hireling?

No,i just have one character(wizard)

i’d go for something similar to @f00kee 's

Wizard Build [EarthShaker] [PVE or 2V2 PVP] version 2.0 with Video

you won’t need 3 crystal gold find and luck while farming without a hireling because of the 650% cap.

replace the following crystal affixes:
crit chance
hp regen
mp regen
mp on hit

2 gold find
2 luck

replace the procs with:
coat proc - to replace crit chance
meteor proc - for damage
bomb proc - for survivability (aoe blind)

replace spell sword with satyr’s spirit and amber your weapons with meteor and shatter.

you can probably replace permafrost with faun’s gift, or maybe mayhem if you have it.

replace nova with vanish

get ignore resist

remove the immune affixes as you don’t really need them in PVE

you will probably need mp on hit epic affix or maybe mythstone to maintain equality.

an option would be to use just 1 gold find and 1 luck find crystal affix and get HP regen and MP regen crystal affix instead. then get 1 gold find and 1 luck epic affixes. that should hit the 650% cap if you are in mythic 3.

i’m not sure up to how high the build will go but it would probably clean up mythic 3 flr 500 easy.

heroic pts will be on str, int, and meteor

stat distribution will be entirely up to you. my suggestion will be 200 power and the rest on mana.

Thanks for the tips! :smile:Will defo try out

note that i did not include nadroji, crystalline, mythical, and eternalize sets. if u want to include them, i suggest sacrificing cosmic power and faun’s gift in favor of nadroji and eternalize. it will still work but with less dps and survivability. just rearrange the sets that you can get with amethyst in order to accomodate the new ones.