[help] crit chance & deadly strike

Hi~~ i have some Questions while i play dq

  1. cap of crit chance = 60% is it right??

  2. for example crit dmg 100%, total deals roughly 200%(normal 100% + extra crit dmg 100%) am i right??

  3. deadly strike. it means crit dmg 200%. so the total dmg is 300%? or 2x critical hits = 400%??

  4. what is the cap of deadly strike??

  5. how about change crit chance to the deadly strike??

  6. how about toxic and blight (affixes)? are they effective as their effects?? should i change those affixes?

thaaaaaaaank u :wink:

  1. For PvE you are right it’s 60%, for PvP its 24%
  2. You are right on that.
  3. It’s a double of the crit damage I suppose it’s 400%
  4. For PvE it’s 60%, for PvP it’s only 24%
  5. Depends on your build but remember Deadly strike won’t activate if you can’t crit (except if you have Sureshot mythic on chest)
  6. They are pretty decent (powerful I guess) when it comes to PvE, but I highly doubt it could be mjch of a use in PvP. Sure it can be used, but it takes a great mind to use it efficiently :wink:

Hope that helps! :joy:

thx u for answer!! i didnt know about crit and deadly well. i should keep both crit chance and deadly either

You got everything answered but I want to give you a better answer for 6. In PvE those affixes are great but in PvP at most you can make it to eternal league 8 if the rest of your build is good, that is because in PvP people of high division use Preservance which nerfs DoT’s which are those 2 affixes.