Help dq cloud issue

I was uploading my dq account when my phone suddenly shuts down. When I try to reupload my this happens.

I cant download because of this.

The saved file is all at lvl 1.

  1. Download Bluestacks on your PC -

  2. Install Dungeon Quest on it and log in with your account.

  3. Create a new hero, play with it and get at least 1 item so you can upload (do not know if this is necessary, but just to be sure).

  4. Upload your account from Bluestacks to DQ Cloud.

  5. Now you can upload your original acc, because it is no more the same acc as the one on the DQ Cloud

  6. ???

  7. Profit.

One problem, i cant use my pc now coz i currupted my HDD. Dont have the money to buy new one yet.

You do not have to use your PC, it can be any Android, iOS or Amazon device. I think you have to borrow it from someone and do the steps, but without a Bluestacks, which is for PC.

you cant download because the cloud is empty

Just send an email to and they’ll fix you right up. :smile:

Me got a prob lately, all of my shared stash are gone, damn my crystals and mythstones are there! So I was force to create new account damn!

simple…Clear data if android… then upload,done… :smile:

Then the data of your gameplay is in your phone… then tadahh no save data on cloud save… then get rekt! Lmao

I also encounter what @Hypocrite problem was I just ignore it and confirm nothing happen xD

  1. Play a floor then try again

  2. contact support