Help for bleed damage

hi guys, 50% of warriors in pvp are bleed type builds, my question is: what affixes/elements can i apply to my wizard to activate or boost the dmg of bleeding in my wizard pvp build?

Exposed or Ruptured mythic on chest
Scalp on Offhand secondary weapon.
Jasper Warrior Berserker Sallet helmet with bonus. It will give you 200% extra bleed dmg.

Look at berserker bonus explanation. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Epic affix : Bleed Dmg

No Vampiric Touch better idea. 125% bleed DMG at (5) or 75% at (3) in PvP. the epic affix is ok for PvE but for PvP , you’re better off with Vampiric Touch . Although I understand there are situation where Vampiric Touch isn’t used but 50% bleed DMG in PvP is 18%. It’s meh .