Help for creation pvp build - Rogue

I have some doubts about viable equipment for BA.

I’m farming gear for my Rogue.

I think of using Bomb in OH because Vault is too good to move around.

I realize that most rogues use Chakram due to the higher spell proc, but does this make Daggers unfeasible?

I would like to know which one works best between ED or WD.

And of which is the best investment 100% DMG or DMG 5000+

About a Possible Luck Build and Fauns Gift
Thinking about Luck through Crystal Affix how many pieces of equipment would you have to invest in this?

From what I researched, one of the most used Set in PvP is Desafiant (I could not get), so it could be replaced?

Bloodmagic is a great for Damage, but how can I keep a survival using it?

Lastly, Skilled Armor is feasible for what type of construction?

No doubt chakram dominated pve&pve,dagger take less advantage.
In my opinion,if you have not a good pet,dont use fauns gift,just stack damage will be better.I have only 29.5k hp with pla+vam,killing opponent faster to alive.
defiant is core set for any build.
bloodmagic is good in damage,but you lost too much hp in spelling,especial after sanctuary.
skilled armor is good for bow build,but bow sucks.

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Bomb is optimal for rogue in pvp because vault is good for kiting, but you can change it to an enigma vial when your’e offline for better AI performance.


I understood, I told of Fauns of Gift because I have Fauna with HP 10000 the other stats would not fit very well in the construction, only the HP is useful. But out of curiosity as to Luck% would I have to keep to get a good result in the arena?

In what is better to invest in ED or WD, because it seems MH DPS gets bigger with WD, and OH does not seem to make that much difference, since if you use a Bomb with 0 DPS and a Trap with 20K you do not see so much damage difference.
Does Affix Multi Attack have a effect? Because the DPS goes up a lot when the Weapon has it.

Thanks very much for the help xD

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This is a very precious tip and makes all sense.
Thank you, I sure will do it :stuck_out_tongue:

6luck nature + crystal 53%luck=150+53=203luck
12.5%3=76.125=HP1.76125.I think this will be good.
You dont realy need high hp/res/ar.No matter how tanky you are,main viability is from sanctuary.
ED is better,it increase all.Main WD will not help when you use off skills,vice versa.But better use 2*WD on main and off,cuz your pet is lack in damage.
Muilt attck make a trick on dps page.It is core affix for discordance build,but helpless for usually fury chakram build.

Thanks, I already have a good idea to start doing some tests.

An ideal weapon in the case would be this one with these Affix, correct?

Sorry for the horrible image

Correct !
Better choose crit damage crystal affix.

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